• Bellwork: clauses & sentence type
  • PRS Activity 20: NEARPOD.COM

HW: finish & submit essays to Utah Compose by MIDNIGHT, study  for tomorrow’s PRS 20 quiz, KBARR 3-4 due Friday


– Bellwork: subjects & predicates

– Argument Essay 1: Plastic Bags

  1. Type your 5 paragraph essay into a Google Doc.
  2. Log in to Utahcompose.com.
  3. Select "Language Arts">"Practice" tab>scroll down to and click "Begin Writing" button.
  4. Go back to Google Doc & copy (ctrl+c) your essay
  5. Go back to Utah Compose and paste (ctrl+v) your essay into the blank box.
  6. Submit & revise as needed. Pay attention to scoring requirements.

HW: submit/revise essay on Utah Compose, KBARR 3-4 due Friday