• Journal: Write the date at the top of the page. Make a list of as many foods as you can possibly think of. Fill up the entire page!
  • Email Etiquette
    • Using THIS PAGE, practice writing 4 different emails to a teacher. Double-check your formatting (5 parts), tone, and spelling/punctuation – use THIS RUBRIC to help you.
    • When you are sure you “get it,” choose one of those emails to type up and send to Mrs. Rowley as your assessment. Send it to candace.rowley@ironmail.org


  • Journal: Write today’s date at the top.  Make a list of as many of your favorite things as you can think of. Write until the timer stops you.
  • Email Etiquette
    • Continue with “STUDENT NOTES” using this PRESENTATION (slide 13-end)
    • Practice email etiquette by revising THESE EMAILS with the class, with a partner, then on your own.
    • If you have any questions, be sure to ask because tomorrow we will have an assessment on these skills!


  • Journal: attach colored tape to the spine of your journal & write your initials on the tape
  • Writing Attitudes (survey) & Abilities (pre-assessment):
    • Pre-Assessment: Write a paragraph that makes a claim about your backpack. Show your ability to support your claim with detailed evidence.  Show your ability to use a comma, semi-colon, apostrophe and period. When you’re finished writing, do the following to your paragraph:
      • Underline the topic sentence/claim in blue
      • Underline the concluding sentence in red
      • Underline one supporting evidence sentence in yellow
      • Circle the proper use of a comma in purple
      • Circle the proper use of a semi-colon in orange
      • Circle the proper use of an apostrophe in black
      • Circle the proper use of a period in green
      • Make an arrow in blue to show the indent
      • Below the paragraph, write the number of sentences in the paragraph.

HOMEWORK: Standards Based Grading parent night, 5:30-6:30 @ CMS

Week One

  • Make sure your course disclosure is signed & returned. (missing ones are marked as such on PowerSchool)
  • Hopefully you’ve brought a composition book & gluestick that will live in Mrs. Rowley’s room.
  • We’ve been working on learning procedures, classroom jobs and other important details.

2019-2020: Can’t Wait to Meet You!!

If you are in Mrs. Rowley’s 7th Grade LA class for the 2019-2020 year, you are probably anxious to know what to expect.  Here is the most important info:

  • Back to School Night is on Monday, Aug 12th from 5:30-7  – come and meet me then!
  • Supplies for this class are minimal –
    • 1 composition notebook (the kind WITHOUT a spiral)
    • GLUESTICKS to donate/share (class supplies)
    • paper, pencils, pens (highlighters & colored pencils are nice, but not required), all kept in a zippered pencil pouch at the front of your binder
    • a divider section in your binder for my class (dividers with folder pockets, please)
    • access to the school and/or city library for books
  • STUDENTS & PARENTS should join our class text group to receive important reminders from Mrs. Rowley. To join, send a text to 81010 with the message for your/your child’s class period:
  • 1st period : @ddaha6de79
  • 2nd period: @24aahf3ekg
  • 4th period: @2a9cc4gbc9
  • 5th period: @cd78ca9af3
  • 7th period: @f6ee8379hg
  • 8th period: @c2k6g2ekkg
  • 9th period: @93c6b43gec


  • Feel free to email me with any questions (students & parents). As of August, I will be checking my email daily!  candace.rowley@ironmail.org