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Disclosure 2017-2018

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Seventh Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Rowley                       Room C4                  Cedar Middle School                   2017-2018

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All class handouts, activities and homework are posted here! This should be your main resource if you miss class.


If you are on PowerSchool, you can view/ print a copy of any missing assignment by clicking on “VIEW” to the right of the assignment, then opening the link in the assignment’s description.


Text Group     @cmsrowley to 81010

I send out reminder texts to students & parents about 1-2 times a week using Remind. I won’t see your number; you won’t see mine; it’s free. PLEASE SIGN UP NOW to receive these texts! (Seriously, PARENTS & STUDENTS: pick up your phone and get to it! Send a text message that says @cmsrowley to 81010 & remember the secret word it gives you! )



This is 7th Grade Language Arts. Our work will focus on developing and mastering LA and writing skills as outlined in the Utah Core Curriculum and will include activities in writing, writing, writing, inquiry and reading. And writing.


Be Prepared EVERY DAY!

Have the stuff you need:

A big part of your success will be determined by how organized and prepared you are. You should ALWAYS have your binder filled with paper & a pencil bag. It is expected that you have a place in your binder for your LA classwork – a special divider section or folder. There will be periodic binder checks to ensure you are using these to your advantage.



Classroom Expectations

  • I will choose a work space where I can do my best – comfortable and capable, NOT leaning and lazy.*
  • I will move if a work space isn’t working for me – Mrs. Rowley can move anyone at anytime.*
  • I will make sure my body movements, space and voice do not disrupt others.
  • I will respect our classroom workspace and furniture by using it appropriately.
  • I will clean up after myself – clipboards, trash, supplies, etc.
  • I will be on time because there is no saving seats for others.
  • Water (not soda, juice, milk, coffee or smoothies) and healthy snacks (not candy) are OK, as long as I clean up after myself and keep it to myself.
  • I will respect my teacher and classmates by staying on task and doing my best.


* Our classroom is set up using flexible seating. Students are given a variety of options to choose the working position that benefits them most: benches, armchairs, desks, floor tables, floor, standing tables, yoga balls. This gives students power of choice and accountability over their behavior and learning and allows their bodies to move as needed.


Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. (sing it)

All assignments and their due dates will be clearly posted in the classroom, on the website and on PowerSchool. Grading as follows:

– 1-2 days late = 10% penalty (earn 90%/A-)

– 3+ days late = 40% penalty (earn 60%/D-)

– No late work is accepted the last week of any grading quarter.

– ONLY tests/quizzes can be retaken IF A RETAKE FORM IS FILLED OUT AND SIGNED BY PARENT FIRST! (assignments cannot be redone)




  1. study for vocab quizzes weekly
  2. Quarterly book reports


  1. 1. PRS Vocab (Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes) quizzes will be given every Friday. Lists are handed out Monday. In class activities are done Wednesday and quizzes are given Friday. Quizzes are worth 10 points and can be retaken for a higher score with a filled out retake form. Studying should be done at home all week.


2.Quarterly Book Reports are due by the 2nd to last Friday of each quarter. Each quarter, a different genre of book will be required. Students are required to commit to a book (on a paper commitment form provided in class) at least two weeks before reports are due. If a book report is written on a book different from the one committed to, the student’s grade will be affected negatively – as shown in the rubric. Book requirements, essay rubrics and note-taking pages will be handed out at the beginning of each quarter so that students can make notes as they read. These notes (citations) will be useful as students write their book reports. Book reports should be between 5 and 10 paragraphs. 99% of the work on book reports should be done AT HOME – reading, taking notes, typing, etc. – applying the skills we are learning in class. Mrs. Rowley is happy to help during SMART time or after school.


Quarter 1 – FICTION book at your reading level or higher, 200+ pages, DUE: 9/29


Quarter 2 – BIOGRAPHY at your reading level or higher, 100+ pages, DUE 12/8


Quarter 3 – CLASSIC or AWARD-WINNER at your reading level or higher, 200+ pages, DUE 3/23


Quarter 4 – INFORMATIONAL/NON-FICTION book at your reading level or higher, 100+ pages, DUE 5/11


Disciplinary Action

If any of the classroom expectations are not being met, a student will be asked to sign our class log, recording what expectation wasn’t met and the date. Mrs. Rowley will then sign to verify all information. Log entries reset each quarter.


1 log entry = warning


2 log entries = lowered citizenship (H to S)


3 log entries = email home


4 log entries = lowered citizenship (S to N), phone call home & after school detention


5 log entries = lowered citizenship (N to U), phone call home & referral to administration


**After school detention = 2:30-3:15 on Thursdays. Students can work on homework or read in Mrs. Rowley’s room. If no work is provided by student, Mrs. Rowley will provide work. FRIENDS ARE NOT INVITED!


**After the first detention is served, students may serve more detention time to “erase” previous log entries, giving them a second chance and a way to work out of a bad citizenship grade. 1 session = 1 log entry


**If after school Thursday detention is not feasible, a student may serve 2 sessions of STRUCTURED LUNCH to make up for it.


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