GVC – Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

7th LA Goals (GVC’s)

Grammar Goals:

(Q1) I CAN use proper grammar when writing or speaking.

(Q1) I CAN explain how to use phrases and clauses.

(Q1) I CAN use different sentence types to express my ideas.

  • Simple
  • Compound
  • Complex
  • Compound-complex

(Q1) I CAN recognize and correct misplaced and dangling modifiers.

(Q1-Q4) I CAN find the definition and pronunciation of words using:

  • Context clues
  • Latin and Greek prefixes, roots, and suffixes
  • Reference materials

Writing Goals:

(Q2-Q3) I CAN write an informative essay that includes:

  • A clear thesis statement
  • A specific organization format
  • Relevant evidence from sources
  • Cohesive transitions
  • A conclusion

(Q4) I CAN write an argument essay that includes:

  • A thesis statement
  • Organized claims
  • Evidence from credible sources
  • Topic Specific Vocab
  • Cohesive transitions
  • Counterclaim
  • Conclusion

(Q2) I CAN identify task, audience, and purpose when writing.

(Q3) I CAN find, quote, paraphrase, and cite credible information in my writing.

(Q3) I CAN use provided texts to support my written claims.

(Q1-Q4) I CAN plan and write short writing tasks and long writing tasks.